Laura is a marketing and communications professional currently working at Deakin University, within their digital (ICT) portfolio, ‘eSolutions’.

She has extensive experience in event management, a background in branding and offers consulting services for up and coming businesses looking to establish their online presence. When she’s not working or scrolling through her social feeds, you’ll find Laura with her hands dirty in the kitchen or the garden.

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The Q&A

I’m inspired by the rapid pace of change brought about by technology – knowing there are still new careers, fields and pathways yet to be tackled and explored, and for us to become experts in; that there are still opportunities out there for us to make discoveries, and for us to be adventurers and pioneers.

I relax by heading out for a walk – ideally immersed in nature, surrounded by trees and open space – but will definitely settle for a stroll through the suburbs.

I’m happiest when harvesting and cooking  produce from my home garden. I love the sense of achievement and feeling of pride you’re filled with when picking something you’ve grown yourself.

When I was little I always wanted to be a pop star… How things have changed!

My big dream now is to buy a property in the Otways where I can escape the daily grind on weekends, with the bigger dream being to retire there.

My dream holiday destination is well, at the moment I’d settle for travelling anywhere but Russia would top the list…

Highlight of my career so far selling a fridge to Guy Pearce? No, in all seriousness, working with the owners of Merne at Lighthouse to help build the foundations for the restaurant’s success, and having our achievements and hard work recognised at the Golden Plate Awards. We took home six awards, capping off a stunning opening year, including the top prize, Victoria’s Golden Plate. It was seeing the sheer joy in the Chef’s face that did it for me…