Grassroots to the Board Room: Local Panel on Community Leadership

Join Geelong Young Professionals for an inspiring and informative morning focused on getting involved as a Community Leader – from volunteering with local groups to joining as a board member.
Hearing from local leaders, this breakfast is designed to provide an introduction on how you can utilise your professional skills and contribute to the broader region.

Cynthia Scherer, Anthony Costa Foundation
Michael Parker, Lifeline Geelong and South West Victoria
Bridgette Kelly, Harwood Andrews and former GYP Committee Member

When: Wednesday June 7th, 7:00am until 9:00am. Arrive early (from 6:30am) for a complimentary barista-made coffee
Where: GMHBA Stadium, 370 Moorabool St, South Geelong (President’s Room; Entry via LaTrobe Terrace)
Cost: $30 +booking fee
RSVP: 30th May

Supported by Bellington Estate + Lifeline Geelong & South West Victoria


Supported by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce

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Exclusive Dinner Series: Dinner with Luke Anderson

Having completed a 4 and a half year prison sentence in Victoria, Australia, Luke has a deep understanding of adversity and knowing how it feels to hit rock bottom. Before being sentenced, he was a helpless and hopeless child from a poor family who went on to become a commercial drug trafficker. This existence led to an all too typical spiral of depression, anxiety, homelessness, self-isolation, oppressed emotions, substance abuse and lovelessness.

But, Luke refused to continue on this path to self-destruction. Making a firm decision to turn his life around, he unearthed a strength and resilience that enabled him to change his direction, and he wants to help others do the same. Since his release, Luke has contributed to a documentary on positive psychology, started a company that will help others overcome hurdles to gain long-term employment and has developed the skills to succeed in relationships, business and community.

Luke is on a mission to prove that anyone can turn their life around, and hopes his story can add value to the lives of anyone listening.

When: Wednesday May 17th, 6:00pm until 8:00pm.

Where: Meet Me At Marys

Cost: $55 +booking fee
Includes dinner. Drinks at bar prices.

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