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The Geelong Young Professionals Network is leading and inspiring Geelong’s up-coming professionals and building a strong succession culture for future of the Geelong region.

Auspiced by the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, the group of Carefully Chosen Committee Members endeavour to give young professionals the opportunity to build networks and strengthen relationships with like-minded individuals via a series of innovative networking events.

These events attract on average 150 attendees and deliver insightful and inspiring speakers and provide an informal approach to professional development and an awareness of advancing business in the region.

Who is a young professional?

The Urban Dictionary’s definition of a ‘young professional’ is:
A recent college graduate whose main objectives in life include: career advancement, becoming financially secure, spending too much of their yearly income on expensive clothing and maintaining a busy social life. e.g. The young professionals drank martinis at the bar while comparing their Prada shoes and financial portfolios. Whilst we agree with the second portion of this statement (we tend to focus on spending too much of our yearly income on expensive clothing and maintaining a busy social life) the Geelong Young Professionals Network is aimed at professionals of all ages!

While the general demographic of attendees at our events are aged between 25 and 45 years of age, we’ve had attendees as young as 16 and as old as 65!

“Age is no barrier, It’s a limitation you put on your mind.” Jackie Joyner-Keree

So stop wondering if you’re too old to come along to our events, and join us for an exciting networking opportunity!


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