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Sarah grew up on a farm in Echuca Moama and moved to Geelong permanently in 2016.

She has her own business as a marriage celebrant, and works for K rock and bay 93.9 radio stations as a Media Sales Executive. Sarah loves working with her clients to build strategic and meaningful campaigns delivering results that exceed their expectations.

Sarah thrives on meeting new people, hearing their stories and learning more about them and is excited to see what she can bring to her role with the GYP.

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The Q&A

I am inspired by people who enjoy what they do and have a desire to continue to grow.

I relax by watching a good movie on the couch.

I am happiest when spending time with friends and family.

My big dream now is to travel more and to continue building my career.

My dream holiday destination is anywhere and everywhere!

The highlight of my career so far is changing my career after being made redundant, a little stressful but very exciting and rewarding.