Growing up on a Macadamia and Custard Apple farm near Byron Bay NSW, Luke made a cool-climate change and has now lived in the Geelong Area for over 15 years. Working locally as a bartender and waiter while going back to study, Luke was freelancing his creative services and is now the Owner/Creative Director at Proxy Design in North Geelong. Luke specialises in Graphic Design, Social Media Services and Web Development, with a portfolio including International surf and skate brands, automotive, hospitality, supermarket products, events and a broad range of other businesses. Luke loves spending time at the beach, and if he could sip on wine or whisky with some cheese while he was there… we’d know exactly where to find him in the Summer.

The Q&A

I’m inspired by renowned designer, Vince Frost. Also, anyone who shows a passion in what they do.

I relax by whether it be on a beach somewhere, or enjoying a nice glass of red (or whisky) with friends.

I’m happiest when I get enough sleep. And, just being around my beloved friends and family.

When I was little I always wanted to… well, I know the Graphic Design passion came early but not when I was LITTLE little. Maybe it was “be a fireman” like every other kid?

My big dream now is just to strive for success, and be an inspiration and aspiration to others

My dream holiday destination is Hawaii (been) Japan (haven’t been)

Highlight of my career so far asked to join the GYP, of course (haha!) Besides that, being chosen as the Web Development Partner for the Regional Design Awards in 2014 and starting my own Creative Agency from what I saw way back when to be just a hobby of doing Graphic Design.