Born in Melbourne, Bred and educated in Geelong, Jay has been part of the Geelong education, community and business landscape for nearly 39 years. As a kid growing up in Geetroit  it was sports, music, dramatic arts that fuelled Jays passion, before graduating with a Bachelor of Health Science from Deakin University and working at St John of God Hospital. In 2001 Jay took an about face and joined the families financial advisory firm before becoming partner and Managing Director of Burke Britton Financial Partners. Now a 15 Year financial adviser, father of four and crossfit tragic, Jay believes in diversity of experiences in all aspects of life and is passionate about showing people how to design and live the life they deserve through not only Wealth but also Health and Wisdom.

The Q&A

I’m inspired by people, who through fear and discomfort, do it anyway!

I relax by listening to the Joe Rogan Experience

I’m happiest when I’m fed, slept and exercised

When I was little I always wanted to own a Delorean

My big dream now is to blog my way around the world for 12 months with my wife and 4 kids

My dream holiday destination is Madagascar

Highlight of my career so far – when I realised that “Being Busy” wasn’t a badge of honour but rather lack of priorities